The pride and joy of Starke Lake Studios is the Starke Suite. With a floating, cedar wood lined 2,000sq ft live room and adjacent isolation booth; it is large enough for any project ranging from vocals to orchestras. Studio A can also be transformed into a concert venue, rehearsal hall and a pristine filming location with ease. The combination of the wood, and careful acoustic design, gives it it’s own unique and crisp, beautiful sound unlike any other studio in the area. 


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Upstairs and in it’s own world is Studio B. The Loft sports an 800 sq. ft Live Room with acoustically treated, vaulted ceilings and a warm, comfortable feeling. Like Studio A, it is lined with cedar to give it a unique live sound, but the smaller sized room creates the tight environment needed for recording voice overs, vocals, drums or overdubs. It's a perfect spot to catch good vibes, and lay down your work.


Rates starting at $75/hr